Fagan Career Coaching will help you make business partnerships and decisons that will help you succeed in all of your job and career choices. Fagan Career Coaching - Helping Your Reach Your Full Potential!

Career Coaching & Resume Services

We offer a variety of services …whether you are looking for a job or are in process of a career transition.

In the career marketplace….our prices are far more affordable than expensive career and job consulting firms that can run into the thousands of dollars. Individual appointments, resume help and preparation as well as optional additional coaching are offered with flexible programs and offerings to suit every budget and need!

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In addition to career and job search coaching, Fagan Coaching also offers personal life/business coaching, and gives you the ability to purchase and choose among several flexible package options to suit your individual needs.

We also offer "laser coaching". Laser coaching employs techniques to get to the heart of your issues right away. Many of us are busy and want coaching services when they have a strong need and more of a sense of immediacy in problem resolution.

Success is just a step away with Fagan Coaching!


Do you have a particular issue you have identified and just want to articulate it and have someone listen?


Are you ready to face the issue head on and look for some answers?

Laser coaching is more short-term and addresses issues right away. Once you are heard, you can begin on working toward a solution. It can also be referred as "just in time" coaching…in the moment. It is quick and deep. However, the answer may not come in one session…it may take a few more. And…there is value in the 'reflective process' that takes place after the coaching call. The old adage "Sleep on it" is more than true in this case.

You can contact us below for more information. We will then contact you to set up an appointment.

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